"In her work Loreta Visic (1976) unites the extreme elements in her life in her very own way. She subtly points out the delicate balance and close link between the familiar and the strange.

Generally we easily allow ourselves to believe that what we see is the only true reality. Loreta Visic shows us a glimpse of a different reality that lies beyond what we see.
By juxtaposing contrasting elements she upsets our normal perception and sets off a whole chain of associations.

In this way she brings the observer into a state of alienation.
What first appeared to be so familiar and unambiguous now becomes highly ambivalent.
In addition to this intellectual uprooting, Loreta Visic's work also unleashes various emotional reactions through the use of clichés and archetypes."

Loreta Visic works in Roermond, The Nederlands. She graduated in 2001 at the Higher Institute of Fine Arts in Antwerp (HISK).
She was awarded the price of La Jeune Peinture Belge- Langui in 2001. Jurgen Gaethofs

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